American Airlines passenger ‘sneaks behind flight attendant and PUNCHES him’


An American Airlines passenger faces 20 years in jail after allegedly sneaking behind a flight attendant and punching him on a plane.

Alexander Tung Cuu Lee, 33, was aboard a flight from San Jose del Cabo to Los Angeles on Wednesday when he is alleged to have threatened and attacked the member of staff.

Lee could face up to 20 years in prison for the federal felony.

After reportedly hearing Lee claiming there are “10 killers on the plane”, a female and male member of staff approach his seat

As the attendant turns his back and heads towards the front of the plane, Lee allegedly leaps out of his chair and starts running towards him before smashing his fist into the side of the flight attendant’s head.

Lee was later restrained by staff and on arrival in Los Angeles was escorted from the place by local police.

He’s currently in custody pending an investigation, which could see him face 20 years locked up in prison.

It comes after a passenger was removed from a Ryanair flight by police after allegedly insulting the cabin crew.

The passenger allegedly told a female flight attendant to “f*** off” after she refused to serve him more alcohol.

A witness said the man, who appeared to be middle-aged, was a disruption during the entire Ryanair flight on Monday from Girona, Spain to Bournemouth Airport.

Footage showed the man being escorted off the flight in Bournemouth by police.

The passenger explained: “He appeared mildly intoxicated.

“He could be heard repeatedly telling her to ‘f*** off’, at which point she went to the front of the plane and informed the pilot.

“She came back to the rear of the plane and demanded his passport. It is unclear whether he complied with this instruction.

“After she left his seating area he continued to say things like ‘she can’t tell me what to do… she’s not my mother… I pay my taxes’.”